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Secret Santa


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This Collection is seasonal and is only available for a limited time!


Secret Santa!  This palette is dedicated to everyone who has ever found out the hard way, that it is truly better to give than to receive.  Think you don't want a vacuum cleaner or cubic zirconia?  Well, guess again!  These 8 surprisingly complex lustrous shades are sure to be exactly the surprise you were hoping for!


eye shades: 5 gram sifter jar / 1.6 gram net weight    $7.50

Sample Bag / 1/16 tsp  $1.00


How to order: Select items then click on the "Add to Bag" button at the bottom of the section to add them to your cart.

1 sample limit per color, per order please

**a note on photography: Many of these unusually complex and mysterious shades are shimmery and  infused with color changing interference pigments, which play with light and look a bit glittery to the camera lens.  We have tried to accurately portray their beautiful complexity, but they truly need to be seen in person to appreciate them fully.  We always recommend purchasing samples first!

necktie cubic zirconia soap on a rope socks
pansy purple  diffused silvery crushed diamond golden turquoise with subtle silver sparkle warm golden sugar cookie
Full Size       Sample Full Size       Sample Full Size       Sample Full Size       Sample

ugly sweater chia pet vacuum cleaner jelly of the month
jewel tone jade blue with golden sheen  golden grinch green warm coppery cocoa  neutral toned juicy berry
Full Size       Sample Full Size       Sample Full Size       Sample Full Size       Sample

**we've done our best to photograph these complicated colors, but like beauty, color is in the eye of the beholder...we always recommend purchasing samples first!

*Note: Because a few of the  darkest, heavily pigmented shades are extremely intense, we recommend using an eyeshadow base with them.


Sorry! This collection was limited edition or seasonal, and is no longer available.

Please check our What's New page for our latest offerings!


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