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This Collection is seasonal and is only available for a limited time!

Refractive, creamy mineral eyeshades



This Collection is seasonal and is only available for a limited time!

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Ephemeral  Beauty: Ice Blossoms

Ephemeral: adj. lasting a very short time.

These creamy crystallized shadows are as beautifully ephemeral as their namesakes. Fleeting and frozen, these wintry shades are available only for a limited time.



Frost flowers, upper Ozarks, Mid-Missouri


One of nature's most beautiful phenomena is the Ice Blossom.  Also called ice ribbons or frost flowers, they are as elusive as they are beautiful.  These rare ice formations can only be found on the stems of a few select plants and only between Fall and Winter when the temperatures first begin to dip below freezing.  But even then, they are gone as suddenly as they appear, visible only in the early morning and usually disappearing with the first rays of morning sunlight.  


Read about Ice Blossoms here.  

Watch the trailer for an environmental documentary about Frost Flowers here.


Full Size Jar: $8 / Sample bag $1.00

*Full Size Jar holds ("5 gram sifter jar") approx 1g of product 

1 sample limit per color, per order

This Collection is seasonal and is only available for a limited time!



frost castle

ice blossom

ice ribbon

frosted peach frosted silvery grey icy pink crystalline sky blue
5 gram Sample 5 gramSample 5 gramSample 5 gramSample

hoar frost

frost flower

silk ice


frozen lilac clear bright lemon icy opaque white cool celery green
5 gramSample 5 gramSample 5 gramSample 5 gramSample

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Sorry! This collection was limited edition or seasonal, and is no longer available.

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