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Sweet Nothings Blush Gallery:  Finally. For everyone who ever thought they couldn't wear blush, now you can. Our Sweet Nothings Blush palette was made just for you. Each lovely mineral hue is specially formulated with a kiss of neutral wearabliity. Designed with a natural matte finish, they're effortless to apply and easy to wear so a simple kiss of color has never been more attainable. Available in a ten gram sifter jar, a twenty gram shifter jar and our brand new sample pack collection.

20 gram sifter jar/ 4 grams net wt: $13.50

10 gram sifter jar/ 2 grams net wt: $8.75

Sample Baggie collection: $8.00



How to order: Just select the items you want by checking the boxes, 

then click on the "Add to Bag" button at the very bottom of the page. 2 sample limit per color, per order


How to order:  Select items then click on the "Add to Bag" button at the bottom  to add them to your cart.

1 sample limit per color, per order


Ingredients: Mica,  Iron Oxides Some Colors May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Carmine

*Colors marked with * contain Carmine

Sweet Nothings Blushes:: 20gram sifter jar: 13.50  |  10g  sifter jar: 8.75    Sample bag collection: $8.00    

*Full Size Jar holds ("20 gram sifter jar") approx 4g of product

** A word on photography:  We have tried our best to photograph these blushes as accurately as possible.  It is unfortunately, impossible to truly capture their depth and complexities with a camera.   Every computer monitor will display them differently and everyone's interpretation of color is different.  For these reasons, we recommend sampling to ensure that a color is what you expect.





sugar bear*

naked tone cherry

love muffin

tanned rosy pink

baby doll

dusty fawn pink

snuggle bunny

creamy feathered pink

20 Gram

10 Gram


20 Gram

10 Gram


20 Gram

10 Gram


20 Gram

10 Gram



sweet cakes

cafe au lait lilac

cutie patootie

natural every day rose


buff raspberry wine


neutral hued coral

20 Gram

10 Gram


20 Gram

10 Gram


20 Gram

10 Gram


20 Gram

10 Gram


Sample collection:

one sample baggie of each color with one click!



Sample Collection



Add Sweet Nothings Blushes to Shopping Bag---->


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