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Mayhem Mattes


[ordering below]

eye shades: 5 gram sifter jar / 1.6 gram net weight    $7.25





Our Newest Project Mayhem Mattes

Our new palette of trendy matte shadows features bold eclectic mineral hues inspired by our favorite cartoon heroes and villains. Be sure to try our favorite color combinations, here are some suggestions to get you started.

Color Combinations
Nefarious & Grandiose
Diabolical & World Domination
Minion & Megalomania


Mayhem Mattes 

Mesmerizing Mineral Mattes

ingredients: Mica. May contain titanium dioxide, iron oxides, ultra marine blue, ferric ferrocyanide, hydrated chrome green, ultra marines

eye shades: 5 gram sifter jar / 1.6 gram net weight    $7.25

Sample Bag / 1/16 tsp $1.00 (available as a full collection pack below ) 


How to order: Select items then click on the "Add to Bag" button at the bottom of the section to add them to your cart.

1 sample collection, per order please

** A word on photography:  We have tried our best to photograph these colors as accurately as possible.  It is unfortunately, impossible to truly capture their depth and complexities with a camera.   Every computer monitor will display them differently and everyone's interpretation of color is different.  For these reasons, we recommend sampling to ensure that a color is what you expect

fiendish nefarious megalomania diabolical
amethyst umber hued bark brown prime evil wasteland green fireball * sepia toned diabolical morphs into fireball orange when applied
Full Size  Full Size  Full Size Full Size

maniacal grandiose minions dastardly plan
poison ivy acid green * pine green maniacal morphs into poison ivy acid green when applied ashes of roses pink *lilac purple grandiose morphs into ashes of roses pink primary sunshine yellow amparo purple
Full Size Full Size Full Size Full Size

mastermind evil genius world domination mad cackle
deep dark phthalo blue intense aqua gothic grape grey purple  seaweed green
Full Size  Full Size Full Size  Full Size

Mayhem Mattes
Sample collection:

one sample baggie of each color with one click!


Sample Collection


**we've done our best to photograph these complicated colors, but like beauty, color is in the eye of the beholder...we always recommend purchasing samples first!

Add your Mayhem Mattes to the bag.----->



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