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INDELIBLE Paints: From the same formulator that brings the wonderful Indelible Gel Liners, these paints are intended for face painting, special effects and makeup artist applications.  Their intense colors remain virtually smudge-proof, waterproof, everything-proof (really!) all day long!  They're highly pigmented and apply with phenomenal precision.  You'll want a good, firm fine tipped brush for application, we recommend our two tone tiny angle or brown faux line and smudge for best results.

We're offering these on a trial basis, though  we think think these will be a must have for parties, face painting (obviously) and certainly for Halloween!  

Arrives elegantly packaged in a glass jar with black lid.  As with our Indelible Gel Eyeliners, ust be sure to keep the lid **TIGHTLY** closed with not in use, as they dry out quickly when exposed to air.

Please note that this product is not manufactured by Meow Cosmetics.  




** Note that this product is not approved for use around eyes.   

Any eye area use would be at your own risk, and not recommended.


Net Wt: 4g (.14oz)

Priced for FUN: $10.00

Samples: We're sorry that we are not able to offer samples in these gel paints due to how quickly they dry out when removed from their glass jar containers.  





Indelible Paint


Color Name Description Photo Ordering

redy or not primary red


high tide royal blue



** SAFE for use on EYES**

true black


limelight grass green


NYC cab bright yellow


pink slip

** SAFE for use on EYES**

hot pink


white noise

** SAFE for use on EYES**

pure white


purplexed grape! grape! grape!



** Note that ONLY colors marked with an **  are approved for use on eyes. 

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These are temporarily out of stock and will return soon.