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Dance Of Death Color Collection

13 TERRIFYING new eyeshades...13.....13..........13..............coincidence?

we    think    not.

Plus 2 liners and 2 haunted veils, but we couldn't think of anything scary to say about that.


scared yet?  The rest of our Halloween terrors await you.... 

See our complete Halloween Line Up Here!





How to order:  Just select all the new items you want by checking the boxes, 

then click on the "Add to Bag" button at the bottom of each section to add them to your cart.

Here are some scary skin swatches of the Dance of Death shades: 



We have tried our best to photograph these unusual shadows, but the internet just doesn't allow us to completely display the interference sparkle and complex auras these Halloween shadows display in person.   

With intense sparkle and huge color payoff, they're positively....scary....Now if we haven't frightened you yet, just WAIT until you try these for yourself!  

Just stare into the mirror and say Meow Cosmetics three times and then...

Hurry! These limited edition shades will vanish without a trace at the stroke of midnight, all Hallows Eve.

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Tin Oxide Some contain may contain: Ferric Ferrocyanide, Bronze Powder, Copper Powder, Aluminum Powder

Full Size= 5 gram sifter jar $8.00   |    Sample Baggie $1.00.

horror dead of night dirt nap eerie
burned wine singed with red iridescence and silver sparkle midnight blue with royal blue iridescence, muted purple hilights and teal sparkle

**not for use on lips

rich - dare we say it? earthy (dirt!) brown with black undertones sparking with bronze iridescence and metallic shimmer bright purple with blue iridecence and blue sparkle
Full Size     Sample Full Size     Sample Full Size     Sample Full Size     Sample

warlock demon asylum necromancer
like witch and necromancer, this is pure black shadow LOADED with gorgeous blue sparkle and blue iridescence, and we say sparkle, we mean ALOT of sparkle... hot orange with an iridescent golden red undertone and gold and red sparkle gleaming teal loaded with green iridescence and blue and green sparkle a pure black shadow (like warlock and witch) loaded with pink and purple sparkle and fuchsia iridescence
Full Size    Sample Full Siza    Sample Full Size     Sample Full Size      Sample

tombstone cadaver spellbinding vampire
shiny foiled true icy silver/grey a creepy sage toned organic green with golden iridecence white shadow glistening with surprising multi colored sparkle and iridescence - it's positively ghastly! lurking in the shadows, this is the only color of the Dance of Death collection that is not very sparkly - it is a gleaming luminous purple with iridescent red undertone 

**not for use on lips

Full Size     Sample Full Size      Sample Full Size      Sample Full Size      Sample

witch liner: grave robber liner: coffin
this pure black shadow has so much green sparkle and iridescent fire that it photographs green!  If you like this one, don't miss warlock and necromancer too! mysterious  deep navy with bright blue iridescent undertone coffin-copper shade with metallic umber undertones  
Full Size      Sample Full Size      Sample Full Size      Sample  

haunted veil: poltergeist haunted veil: spectre
this innocent looking white powder glows pink when applied!  this iridescent sparkly glow is loaded with pink fire and purple iridescence  you'll do a double-take with this unassuming white powder that lays on a brilliant mystical teal fire emblazoned with green sparkle and iridescence!    
Full Size     Sample Full Size      Sample    

Add Dance of Death colors to your trick or treat bag! ---->  

Sorry! This collection was limited edition or seasonal, and is no longer available.

Please check our What's New page for our latest offerings!


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