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86 Shades. All Natural.

Ingredients you can pronounce. What's not to love?

Mineral Foundation by Meow





 86 shades to coordinate with your Meow Cosmetics Foundation.

Shhh...conceal everything one needs to know.

Mineral Concealers by Meow


Primer, Finish & Glow

Prime. Balance. Glow.

Mattify, control oil, balance moisture or add a dewy glow to your Meow Foundation.  Primp & Preen finish powders give you the versatility you need to customize your look.

Primers, Finish and Glow Powders, made from the most luxurious natural ingredients available.

Tinted Glow Powders also available in a wide range of shades for maximum versatility.



Mineral Cheek Contour 

One sweep of your brush with Skinny Dippers can make your face appear thinner, more radiant and youthful.  Skinny dippers accomplish this without adding any unneeded color, so you don't look made up, you simply look polished and beautiful, naturally!  



Mineral Cosmetic Sunkissed Highlighter 


At Last: A mineral tan in a jar!

The un-bronzer -  Sunsplashers!