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Purrrfect Cover Concealer Purr-fect cover Mineral Concealer is our heaviest coverage product.  It's capable of covering most any imperfection, offering nearly opaque coverage.
  • smooth, soft, and easily blendable

  • matte

  • heaviest coverage

Undereye Concealer Undereye Mineral Concealer is like an 8-hour cat nap - in a jar! 
  • so super silky, soft, and creamy that you can apply it with your finger or a brush!

  • matte

  • specially formulated for covering dark undereye discolorations

C3: Color Correcting Concealers Specially tinted to conceal scars, bruises and other discolorations with the benefits of Silk Powder and one coat coverage!
  • Uniquely forulated color-canceling shades

  • Also available in a unique undereye formulation for camouflaging the deepest darkest undereye circles

  • Designed as to provide the ultimate color corrected canvas for mineral cosmetics