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Bronzers by Meow Cosmetics

We offer several different lines of bronzers, all natural, all minerals, all beautiful.  Fear not - all are lovely, naturally wearable and available in a range of hues to suit all skin tones!


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Bronzers

(our original bronzers)

Our original line of mineral bronzers, available in a diverse color palette, and perfect for everyday!

Firefly Bronzer / Blush Collection

The Firefly collection is a luminous collection of blushes and bronzers that seem to glow from within!


Tigers Eye Bronzers


The Tigers Eye Collection our ultra luxurious line of mineral bronzers, featuring a creamy texture and dewy sheen.


Sunsplashers Sunkissed Foundations


Think of them as a sunkissed version of your Meow Cosmetics Foundation.  Error-proof and effortless, simply dust on Sunsplashers anywhere the sun would splash you...on your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose, a little at the chin and shoulders, and you'll look naturally tanned!

Del Sol 

Sheer Metallic Glowing Bronzers




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