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Here at Meow Cosmetics, we get a lot of questions about all sorts of mineral makeup and cosmetics related things.  Here are some of the most commonly given answers, to your most commonly asked mineral cosmetics questions!

Mineral Cosmetics: INGREDIENTS:


Mineral Cosmetics: COLOR HELP & GENERAL INFO:


Mineral Cosmetics: APPLICATION:



Q.  What is Bismuth Oxychloride and is it my friend? 

 A. Bismuth is an additive/filler added to mineral cosmetics to make them "slippy", or silky.  For many women, it is an irritant, and causes itch, burn and breakouts.  It was never much of a friend to us, so we don't use it, ever. 

Q.  What are your foundation ingredients? 

A. Foundation Ingredients:  Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides

Q.  What are your concealer ingredients? 

A. Concealer Ingredients:  Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Mica, Iron Oxides

Q. Where can I see a list of all your ingredients?

A. Your wish is our command:  Meow Cosmetics Product Information

Q. Why no silica? Is it evil, too?

A.  Silica (and silica microspheres) are also added to mineral cosmetics to add a silky feel to the product.  While this sounds good in principle, and silica is not usually listed as a breakout causing ingredient, in practice we found it could cause severe cystic like breakouts in some women.  Again, if we can't wear it ourselves, if we don't love it, we won't sell it.  So, there is no silica in  Meow Cosmetics foundations and concealers.

Q.  What is Bismuth Oxychloride and is it my friend? 

A.  Bismuth is an additive/filler added to mineral cosmetics to make them "slippy", or silky.  For many women, it is an irritant, and causes itch, burn and breakouts.  It was never much of a friend to us, so we don't use it, ever. 

Q. Since you don't use bismuth or silica, or other additives to make it's foundation silky, does that mean it's dry, or chalky or stiff feeling?

A. This is where Meow Cosmetics excels!  In fact, it's the reason we started the business.  We've done a lot of research and spent countless months on product development to create a more silky soft feeling mineral foundation without pore clogging, irritating ingredients.  We can't give away our secrets, but our foundation and concealers really are different than others you may have tried.   We know, we've tried most every brand that exists ourselves.  Ours is more silky, feels more luxurious, melts beautifully, but contains NOTHING irritating.  Our complete ingredient list is above. Give it a try, you'll see!

Q. Do you use micronized minerals or Nano particles?

A. This is an easy one: No, we do not use micronized minerals or nano-particles.

Color Help:

Q.  What color of yours is most like (what i'm using now)?

A.  We get this one alot.  While we can't immediately direct you to a perfect match for every brand you may be using (we aren't familiar with all of them), we do have some popular color matches to Bare Escentuals brand :

If you wear Bare Esentuals shade:

You should try these shades in Meow:

1 (Fair)

Inquisitive (0) or Sleek (1) 

Himalayan and  Sphynx 

1.2 (Fairly Light) Sleek (1) or Frisky (2): Persian, Chartreux and Siamese
2 (Light) Frisky(2): Chartreux and Persian
2.3 (Medium Beige) Frisky(2): Persian, Sphynx and Mau
3 (Medium) Frisky (2): Sphynx and  Mau  or Naughty Himalayan
4.53 (Tan) Naughty(3) or Fierce(4): Persian, Sphynx and Mau
5 (Dark) Fierce (4): Mau, Sphynx and Persian
5.2 (Med Tan) Fierce (4) Chartreux and Persian
8 (Deep) Fierce (4) or Slinky(5): Mau and Sphynx
Glee Kitty-Licious Blush
Bisque Sleek(1) or Frisky(2): Himalayan and Chausie
Warmth Sizzle Bronzer

Q.  Do you offer custom color mixing?

A.  No, but we have introduced Munchkin sizes of foundation, and we do sell empty large foundation jars, so you can mix yourself.  Mixing is easy!  Simply combine your shades and shake well to blend them together, that's all there is to it. You can mix in a zip lock bag, or smaller amounts can be mixed right in the jar.

Q. I don't understand warm/cool...WHAT COLOR AM I? 

A.   We don't blame you.  A lot of people find this confusing.  The good news is that you don't really need to understand it all to find your purrr-fect foundation color.  After all, there won't be a test later or anything!  You'll know when you've found your perfect shade, we promise.

In general though, if you prefer to wear cool colors on your eyes and your clothes (like blue purple green) you are likely a warm skinned person.   If you prefer reds oranges and warm colors, you are likely a cool skinned person.  

We don't feel that the color of your veins is helpful, or even the color of your neck.  Here's why:  if you are trying to match the color of your neck, you will need a mirror, and the light will be reflected onto your skin.  This greatly affects the appearance of colors.  

Our advice is to choose about 3 different colors of foundation that you feel might be right for you.  Most women can generally guess that they will be, for example a "2 or 3" in color depth/darkness, without too much too trouble.  Basically, if you are light skinned, or dark skinned, you probably know that all ready.   So, if you feel you are probably a  2 or 3 in darkness, choose 3 shades of foundation you think might look right for you.  Then try each color in sample sizes of both a level 2(we call this "Frisky") and level 3 ("Naughty") in darkness on the inside of your forearm, in daylight/sunlight/natural light.  When you find a color that begins to disappear, really just vanish on your forearm, you've probably found your foundation color.   Now simply adjust the darkness level to match the skin on your face.

For some clients, the underside of the forearm doesn't closely enough match the face - in these cases test foundation shades directly on your face, in natural outdoor light (not blinding sun!)

 On our foundation pages for each color "breed" you'll find plenty of helpful advice listed right underneath each color to help you choose.

Q. Will I have to mix colors to get a perfect match? 

A.   Meow Cosmetics has the largest foundation color palette with the largest number of choices available anywhere.  The odds are good you will find your purrr-fect match without mixing.   But some women will still prefer a mixed shade, to achieve that purrr-fect result.  So, feel free to "breed" your colors to create your purrr-fect match!

Remember, with Meow Cosmetics, you can not only mix colors, but you can also custom blend your own coverage by adding a bit of our matching concealer (very heavy coverage) to your foundation!

Q. Is there a limit to the number of samples I can purchase? 

A.   Meow Cosmetics is happy to provide affordable, generously sized samples for only $1.  You'll likely find that samples from other companies are typically twice that amount, and sometimes even more!  In order to keep our samples affordable, and since they are intended only to help you determine if a color will work for you, we do limit samples to 2 of any color, per order.  So, you can order 2 each of all the CatEyes shadows, for example.   Remember, our samples are enough for several applications, so take advantage of them, and test the colors before purchasing full sizes.

Q.I found my foundation color. Now what color am I if I get a tan?

A.   Will I wear the same foundation breed (color) just in a darker shade if I get a tan?

I wish the answer was just a simple "yes", but the truth is not everyone will simply need to go a shade darker with a suntan.  Often, customers will tan into a different color breed altogether.  I don't - I'm a Frisky Mau through the year, and a Naughty Mau with a summer tan. 

Here are some tips for figuring out what will work for you:

1) The first and easiest thing to do is to try a sample of the next color depth in darkness, in your existing breed.  So, if you're a Frisky Mau, try a Naughty and see if it's working for you.  If hot you may need to try a different color breed.  Read on...

2) It's possible that you may need to switch to a more reddish shade once you have some sun. IF the darker shade in your regular foundation breed isn't working purrrfectly for you, here are some suggestions:

If you wear… With a tan, try:
Abyssinian Chartreux and Persian
Angora Chartreux and Persian
Bengal Mau, Chausie or Himalayan
Chartreux Mau or Sphynx
Chausie Mau or Sphynx
Himalayan Mau or Sphynx
Korat Chartreux and Persian
Manx Chartreux and Persian
Mau a darker level of Mau
Ocicat a darker level of Ocicat
Persian Mau or Sphynx
Siamese Chartreux, Persian and Mau
Snow Lynx 0-Inquisitive in Mau, Himalayan or Sphyx
Sphynx Mau and Persian

Now, this list isn't absolute - but it's a good starting point for trying samples!

Not a sun worshipper?  Another option would be try our Sunsplashers, and they're as easy can be!  Just try your regular Meow Foundation shade  in the color depth of your choosing and you'll **look** like you've spent hours basking in the sun.  Use it everywhere the sun would hit you - on cheekbones, chin, and forehead, and brush on the sun!

Hope that helps to untangle some of the mystery of summer foundation shades!

Application Tips:  

Q. I've never used mineral makeup before, how do I get started? 

A.   Welcome to the world of mineral cosmetics!  At Meow Cosmetics, we believe there is no finer type of makeup in existence.  Mineral Cosmetics are truly on the forefront of the industry.  They're everywhere, and for good reason.  A good, pure mineral foundation is actually good for your skin.  You can sleep in it, and not wake up with breakouts.  It can actually improve the quality of your skin over time.  There is no better makeup for acne-prone skin, or rosacea.  Mineral cosmetics have real anti-inflammatory properties that calm the skin, soothing redness and aiding healing of breakouts.  

The best part of mineral foundation, though, is how it feels.  Your skin feels naked, bare, as though you have no makeup on at all.  You'll need to look in a mirror a few times the first few days you wear it-you won't believe you're covered, "made-up", because you'll feel as though you have no makeup on at all!

Start with Purrr-fect Puss Foundation and concealer samples to get started!

Simply tap out some minerals onto a surface like a large jar lid, saucer or something similar.  Then swirl your brush in the minerals and apply to your face. There's no need to use alot of minerals - use a light hand at first and remember, you can "build" coverage as needed with more light layers until you get a feel for how much product you need, based on how much coverage you want.  Do give the minerals a few minutes to really melt to your skin before applying more.   As the mineral meld to your skin, you may find that the coverage is sufficient.  If it's not enough after a few minutes, simply swirl on more to build coverage.

Q. How is mineral makeup different than liquid foundation? 

A.   Liquid foundation, or "goop" as we like to call it here at Meow Cosmetics will never be good for your skin.  Liquid foundation is heavy, pore-clogging (no matter what it might say on the label) looks like, well, it just looks like liquid foundation when you put it on.  

Mineral Foundation, like Purrr-fect Puss is totally benign to your skin, it can actually help improve your skin, and reduce breakouts.  Best of all it melts into your skin after you apply it, and feels light, as though you're wearing no makeup at all! 

Q. What type of brush do you recommend for foundation? 

A.   Meow Cosmetics now offers a select offering of top quality cosmetic brushes specificially designed for premium application of our mineral cosmetics.

For our foundations,  we recommend one of our luxurious "flat top" style brushes. Purrrfect and Pampered foundations apply best with a flat top, while Flawless Feline creates a spectacular airbrushed finish when applied with a kabuki brush and lightly buffed.   For blush, don't miss our glorious deluxe fiber optic brush, and for minerals on-the-go, check out our fillable travel brush!   Really, finding the right brush will depend on what you intend to apply with it.  Concealers will benefit from application with a taklon (wet/dry synthetic fiber) brush, particularly if you will be wet concealing with water for heavier coverage, while a softer fluffier densely packed brush will likely be better for foundation.



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