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Meow Cosmetics is a online-only, privately owned and operated mineral cosmetics boutique.  We micro-formulate, by hand, all our mineral cosmetics in small batches to insure the highest quality control standards.  We do not repackage, or relabel any of the mineral cosmetics we sell.  When you place an order with Meow, you're purchasing a product that I handmade for you, and my small staff (there's only 5 of us!) prepared, packaged and shipped to your door.  How's that for personal service?

Speaking of personal service, some of our best, most popular products have been the result of suggestions from our clients.  Brow Beaters, our famous brow-taming mineral powders, our wildly popular Primp & Preen finish and glow powders, and even our popular Manx and Chartreux foundation shades were the direct result of client requests! In a world moving so quickly that customer service and personal attention seems to be slipping Meow Cosmetics, when you ask, we (still) listen.  

When we aren't reading your emails, we're chatting with our customers on our active CatChat Client Forum, connecting with you on Twitter or updating our Facebook Wall.  So whether you need help finding your purrrfect foundation shade, or you just want to share photos of your kids or your cats or yourself, come join us and meet other Meow Cosmetics fans! 


  *FREE Samples included with EVERY order     *affordable $1 samples 

  *Phenomenal foundation value                     *86 shades of foundation and concealer 

  *over 800 shades of eyeshadow                   *Free shipping on orders over $60  

  *Priority-Express Mail available                     *New Products all year long

   * Fun!                                                                         *Worldwide shipping Available

In such a highly competitive industry, when consumers like you have so many choices, we set out to do better.


Color: We love color! We love love love it, and with 86 foundation shades and 300+ eyeshades, if you're seeking color, you've come to the right place.  From rave style to 9-5 office friendly, you'll find it all here at Meow. And we never stop creating...we offer new and limited edition color collections and new products all year long!

Fun: We're fun people.  We think you are, too.  Yet mineral cosmetics has had  a reputation for being a bit bland.  We're not bland.  We don't do bland.  We're pretty out of the box here at Meow, to put it mildly.  Our company name, our product names and even our formulations reflect our unconventional approach to beauty.  What's easier to remember: "medium brown" or "Naughty Siamese" foundation?  Which one is more fun, more memorable, more *you*? We think once you start having fun with your mineral makeup, you'll never want to stop.  

Diversity We offer more shades of foundation than almost anyone else for a very good reason.  We believe beauty knows no bounds, and neither should mineral cosmetics.  From alabaster white (Our Snow Lynx foundation) to the rich tones of women of color, everyone can find their purrrfect color match here at Meow.  

Quality:  We're not about gimmicks.  We've spent years developing a product we're proud of, and one you'll feel and look beautiful wearing.  We use only the finest, purest, cosmetic grade minerals available, with ingredients you can actually pronounce.  Healthy good-for-your-skin cosmetics have never been easier.  So, while our product names may be worth gossiping about, make no mistake, our quality is the real story.

ServiceWe'll treat you like a girlfriend, not just a customer.  That's our promise.

But please, don't take my word for it, try Meow Cosmetics yourself, I think you'll never use anything else again. 

Tammy Lang  a.k.a. "TamKat" 


Owner & Founder, Meow Cosmetics


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