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Meow Cosmetics

Pure 100% Natural Mineral Foundation

Available in 3 Formulations!

Purrr-fection has never been more attainable!

All of our formulations are:

  • Totally non-comedogenic

  • Won't clog pores

  • 86 shades w/coordinating concealers!

  • long wearing & comfortable

  • layerable coverage without shine

All ingredients are *NOT* created equal:  While our ingredients may look the same as other mineral foundation, they are not.  All mineral ingredients are not created equal,  there are many different variables all of which have great impact on the quality of the finished product.    We tested hundreds of different formulations until we produced a product that we were truly proud of.  If we don't love it, we won't sell it.  Try it and see!
Large Sifter Jar for swirling brush

Mica Sensitive?

Think you can't wear mineral makeup?

Many people who experience a little (or for some, alot) of itch when they first put on mineral makeup begin to feel that they may be "mica sensitive".  We encourage you to try Purrrfect Puss or Pampered Puss; their special formulations still contain Mica, but can often reduce or even eliminate itch for many customers!   


 Try them for yourself, and rediscover mineral makeup!

Bare Escentuals Color Comparisons


If you wear BE:

You should try these shades in Meow:
Golden Fair Frisky Manx
Golden Tan Fierce & Slinky Chartreux
Medium Beige Naughty Manx

1 (Fair)

Inquisitive (0) or Sleek (1) Himalayan and  Sphynx 
1.2 (Fairly Light) Sleek (1) or Frisky (2): Persian, Chartreux and Siamese
2 (Light) Frisky(2): Chartreux and Persian
2.3 (Medium Beige) Frisky(2): Persian, Sphynx and Mau 
3 (Medium) Frisky (2): Sphynx and  Mau  or Naughty Himalayan
4.53 (Tan) Naughty(3) or Fierce(4): Persian, Sphynx and Mau
5 (Dark) Fierce (4): Mau, Sphynx and Persian
5.2 (Med Tan) Fierce (4) Chartreux and Persian
8 (Deep) Fierce (4) or Slinky(5): Mau and Sphynx
Glee Kitty-Licious Blush
Bisque Sleek(1) or Frisky(2): Himalayan and Chausie
Warmth Sizzle Bronzer

If you wear this MAC undertone: Try these Meow Shades:
W: cool, pinkish Chausie & Himalayan
NW : cool, pinkish beige Sphynx, Persian, Bengal
NC : warm, golden beige Korat, Abyssinian, Chartreux
N : neutral, beige Bengal, Siamese, Ocicat Mau
C : very warm, olive/yellow tones Angora & Manx & Abyssinian
If you wear this MAC color depth: Try these Meow Color Depths:
15 or less Inquisitive
10-15 Sleek
15-20 Frisky
20 1/2 Frisky & 1/2 Naughty
? no info yet ? Fierce
? no info yet ? Slinky
? no info yet ? Independent


EDM Color matches (from our customers) :
Everyday Minerals: Try these Meow Shades:
Medium Tan Fierce & Slinky Chartreux
Fair Medium Frisky & Naught :Himalayan, Sphynx, Persian & Chausie
Fairly Light Neutral Sleek Siamese
Winged Butter Korat Abyssinian, Chartreux & Manx
Golden Fawn Frisky & Naughty:  Manx & Abyssinian

Found a match we should add?   

Email & tell us, and we'll add it to our list to help other customers!

Meow Cosmetics Jar vs. Typical Jar

Less is more?

Minerals go a long way. So, is less ok when it comes to mineral foundation?

We didn't think so.

The typical 30 gram Mineral Foundation jar is pictured at left, (30 gram size jar) and holds about 3 teaspoons of powder.  Our 3oz  jar (85gram size by volume) holds about 22-30 grams of mineral foundation, roughly a cup sized scoop!  That's at least 2-3x the amount in a typical mineral foundation.  We fill your jar based on volume, not weight of the actual product, so you always receive a jar that looks full.

Our full size foundation jar holds approximately     CUP of product.   

Meow Cosmetics uses only premium cosmetic grade ingredients in our formulation.  You'll feel the difference, and love the value!

Choices Choices...



Light-Medium Layerable Coverage

Medium Layerable Coverage

Heavy Coverage

Purrr-fect Puss foundation is our original sheer, matte, layerable-coverage mineral foundation utilizing the latest light refraction pigments for a youthful dewy appearance.    

You can vary the coverage, and easily build it up, by applying multiple layers.  Unlike other mineral foundations, there is no need to buff excessively.  The reasoning behind "buffing" other mineral foundations is to minimize the sheen (caused by bismuth and other additives).  Since Purrr-fect Puss has no such additives, you can simply brush it on, layering until you have achieved enough coverage.  It won't ever make you look shiny, it doesn't look pearlized when applied wet, and it won't look heavy on your skin, no matter how much you use.  It quickly melts,  making you look completely natural, with no heavy "made up" look. 

Need more coverage?  Purrr-fect Puss also offers excellent heavier coverage to problem areas when applied wet with a brush, and blended out.  If still more coverage is desired, you can simply mix a bit of a corresponding  concealer (which is our VERY HEAVY coverage product) with your foundation, or spot conceal with a concealer.  With these 2 products combined, you will be able to cover scars, acne, redness, discolorations, with more ease and FLEXIBILITY than ever before!  

Completely Amazing!  

Pampered Puss has the same coverage, texture and feel of our original Purrr-fect Puss, but it's formulation has been completely redesigned with the most delicate and irritation prone skin in mind.  

 It's everthing you love about Purrr-fect Puss combined with the numerous skin protection and soothing benefits of Zinc Oxide!

If you liked Purrr-fect Puss, but feel your sensitive, or itch prone skin STILL needs a little something more, than you'll LOVE Pampered Puss.  Designed to soothe and calm, it will amaze you with it's sheer, layerable coverage.

Matte and layerable, never shiny, and not heavy, don't miss Pampered Puss!



Total Purrr-fection has never been simpler!

The best of both worlds!

Now you don't have to have perfect skin, to look like you do.  Flawless Feline Foundation is our most intense coverage foundation.  Sounds great, right?  Typically, though, more coverage = less comfort.  

Flawless Feline provides complete coverage with no stiff, chalky feeling.  It's wonderful slip , easy melt, and glorious texture will make you feel as though you have nothing on.    

Plus, you'll never find any irritants here.  No bismuth, no fillers, only the absolute highest end most luxurious ingredients available to the industry today.   Flawless Feline is  the apex of pure, natural, matte purrr-fection that you've come to expect from Meow Cosmetics.  And of course, it's sold in our huge, luxurious, 3 oz jar!



Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides

3 oz Jar (22-30g net weight) : $28.95 

Munchkin: $12.75

Sample Bag ( tsp) : 1.00

Ingredients: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides

3 oz Jar (22-30g net weight): $30.95

Munchkin: $14.75

Sample Bag ( tsp): 1.00

Ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride, Iron Oxides

3 oz Jar (22-30g net weight): $39.95

Munchkin: $16.75

Sample Bag (): 1.00 

Please note that gram weights are approximate and may vary from color to color.  

Munchkins: The perfect travel size Meow Foundation

 Meow "to go"!  

A low profile jar, that's the perfect size for travel, or to toss into your purse.  This wonderful jar has the same convenient large diameter lid as our original Luxury Foundation Jar, but it's shorter....just like a Munchkin Cat!  Now you can try all the foundation shades you like, and still have room on your dressing table for more Meow...!

Munchkins and other foundation sizes can be purchased on each 

Foundation breed's individual page using the tabs above!


What breed are you?

...are you a Slinky Siamese, or maybe a Frisky Mau? 

Are  you a Naughty Persian??...Here's how to find out!

We have tried to display our colors accurately.  However every monitor is different, and we encourage you to try our affordable samples prior to purchasing full sizes.  

Also, please be sure to sample in each formulation, prior to purchasing full sizes, so you can be sure the color is what you expect.  Also note that Chartreux, Manx and Angora run lighter than our other color breeds, so please sample first!

You will find that our colors are all very wearable and forgiving.  However, finding your "purrrfect" shade should be easier than ever at Meow Cosmetics.  As a general rule, try some samples on your face.  Once you find a color that begins to disappear there, you've found your color, now just match the darkness level you need for your face,  and you've got it! You should sample your color prior to purchasing full sizes,  in all three formulations, since they are different opacities, and can affect the color as a result.


0 - Inquisitive 1 - Sleek 2 - Frisky 3 - Naughty 4 - Fierce 5 - Slinky 6 - Independent
Lightest, almost white Very Light Light Medium Medium/Dark Dark Very Dark




0-Inquisitive Mau 1-Sleek Mau 2-Frisky Mau 3-Naughty Mau 4-Fierce Mau 5-Slinky Mau 6-Independent Mau






(cool pink)

0-Inquisitive Chausie 1-Sleek Chausie 2-Frisky Chausie 3-Naughty Chausie 4-Fierce Chausie 5-Slinky Chausie 6-Independent Chausie

(warm pink)

0-Inquisitive Himalayan 1-Sleek Himalayan 2-Frisky Himalayan 3-Naughty Himalayan not available in this color depth not available in this color depth not available in this color depth




*runs lighter than other breeds



*runs lighter than other breeds



*runs lighter than other breeds)

0-Inquisitive Angora 1-Sleek Angora 2-Frisky Angora 3-Naughty Angora not available in this color depth not available in this color depth not available in this color depth

(golden yellow)



2-Frisky Abyssinian



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