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Holiday Operating Schedule

Closed for Thanksgiving:

November 23 to 27, 2017

Closed for Christmas:

December 19, 2017 to January 3, 2018





We are proud that 90% of all orders ship within 3-5 business days, though we do get very busy during special promotions.

 Please allow 5-10 business days for us to fill and process your order, though most orders will ship sooner.







Free Shipping Promotion Terms and Conditions

Large orders / non personal use policy:  Free world wide shipping specials are via first class mail only.  Very large orders or any order which appears to not be for personal use may not qualify for free shipping. Such orders may  be required to ship via priority mail to U.S. addresses or priority express mail to international addresses at the customer's expense. As a result any additional shipping charges will be invoiced through Paypal to insure safe delivery of very large / non personal use orders. Current priority mail and priority express international shipping charges can be found on our customer service page.

* Orders placed during free shipping specials may be combined at our discretion. Multiple smaller orders shipping to the same address placed during any ten day period may be combined. Splitting very large non personal use orders into multiple smaller orders does not qualify for free shipping. Such orders will be combined and invoiced through Paypal for priority mail or priority express shipping in order to provide tracking and safe delivery.



  Customers requiring color help can try our online Cat Chat Forum at Delphi 

(there's a link on the side navigation bar, to your left).

Customer Service

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions:

Got questions about makeup/colors?  

We've got answers! Check our "answers page" for application tips, ingredient questions, color help and answers to our most frequently asked questions!.



Customer Service Questions:














How do I place an order? You may order online by checking out with our online shopping cart, or you may mail an order form to us, with payment.**  There is a 2 sample limit per color per order, of all products.

Can I order by mail? Yes. You may fill out an order form and mail it to us along with a check or money order.  Please see our contact information page for more information on where to send your order.  Be aware that mail orders must include the correct shipping amount, and your email address and complete shipping address.  If any required information is missing or incorrect, we will contact you for clarification prior to shipping.

Can I order by phone? Sorry, we can only accept orders by internet and mail at this time.

Can I cancel or change an order? Our payment processor will not permit us to cancel or modify order after they have been submitted by the customer, so please double check your order carefully before submitting it.

Is it safe to order online with my credit card?   Yes.  All secure credit card information is collected on a secure server (SSL) for your protection.             

When can I expect to receive my order, how quickly will it be ready to ship?  Most orders ship within 5 business days (business days are Monday-Friday, excluding holidays, postal holidays and other non-staffed days at Meow Cosmetics).   Typically orders ship sooner than this, but please allow us 5 business days to process your order.

Example: an order placed on Monday should normally ship by the following Monday, as that is the 5th business day after the order was placed.  This assumes that there are no holidays or other non-staffed days.  

Remember that we may formulate  your items *after* you submit your order.   Your order is handmade and carefully prepared for you after you place your order.  As a result, orders take up to 5 business days to prepare and ship.  Even though most orders will ship more quickly, delays can occur.  Expect delays during sales after sales and during peak periods (holidays, etc).  If your order is extremely time sensitive, send us an email and let us know, we'll try our best to accommodate you. 

Will I be charged sales tax?  Meow Cosmetics is located in Pennsylvania, and we are required to collect sales tax on all orders received from buyers residing in PA, regardless of where the order is being shipped.  No other states will be charged sales tax.

Do you have a limit on the number of samples I can purchase?  Meow Cosmetics is happy to provide affordable, generously sized samples for only $1.  You'll likely find that samples from other companies are typically twice that price, and sometimes even more!  In order to keep our samples affordable, and since they are intended only to help you determine if a color will work for you, we do limit samples to 1 of any color, per order.  So, you can order 1 each of all the CatEyes shadows, for example, in one order along with up to 1 each of any other color/product samples you'd like to try.   Remember, our samples are enough for several applications, so take advantage of them, and test the colors before purchasing full sizes.  Sample sizes vary for different products, and are subject to change without notice.

Free Samples | Free Shipping | Combined Orders - We routinely combine orders placed during free shipping promotions.  Shipping method is our choice and orders combined and shipped together receive a total of 2 free samples.



Which credit cards do you accept?  We currently accept MasterCard, Visa American Express, Discover (through Paypal) and Paypal

Do you take Paypal? Yes, at the moment, all credit card transactions are being handled through Paypal.

Do I need a Paypal account to order?  No.  Paypal does not require you to have an account to use our online checkout.  Simply checkout and follow the guided instructions to complete your purchase.

Can I mail in a check or money order to pay for my order? Yes, fill out our order form, and mail it to our ordering address, located on our contact page.







United States Shipping Information:

United States Shipping Rates 

First Class Mail

Priority Mail

Free for orders over $60

Priority Medium Box $16.00

**Very** large orders, which will not fit into a small bubble mailer, or multiple orders placed within a 10 day period will be required to pay for this box, for safety in shipping.  We will invoice you if this is required.

Priority-Express Mail       1-3 days $24.95

PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL TO U.S. Addresses:  USPS no longer offers Express mail overnight delivery.  We still need time to process your order.  Processing times will vary.   Your order will process within our current turnaround time (usually about 5 business days) and your shipping time will be 1-3 days after your order has processed.




Canadian & International Shipping Information:




 Canadian Shipping Rates


First Class Mail


Priority Mail 


Priority Medium Box


**Very** large orders, which will not fit into a small bubble mailer, or multiple orders placed within a 10 day period will be required to pay for this box, for safety in shipping.  We will invoice you if this is required.

Priority-Express Mail       3-5 BUSINESS DAYS


PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL:  USPS no longer offers Express mail overnight delivery.  We still need time to process your order.  Processing times will vary.   Your order will process within our current turnaround time (usually about 5 business days) and your shipping time will be 3-5 days after your order has processed.  Delivery times vary and can not be guaranteed to international destinations.



International Shipping :


International Shipping Rates

(for all other countries except US & Canada)


First Class Mail $10.95

First Class Mail small envelope holds up to 4 full size foundations, or 8 munchkins Larger orders will be invoiced for shipping

Priority Mail $42.00

Priority Mail - envelope holds up to 10 full size foundations, or 20 munchkins

Priority Medium Box $86.00

**Very** large orders, which will not fit into a small bubble mailer, or multiple orders placed within a 10 day period will be required to pay for this box, for safety in shipping.  We will invoice you if this is required.

Priority Express Mail $74.00
Priority Large Box $105.00

36 full size Full Size Large Foundation (1 Full Size = 2 munchkins)


PRIORITY EXPRESS MAIL :  USPS no longer offers Express mail overnight delivery.  We still need time to process your order.  Processing times will vary.   Your order will process within our current turnaround time (usually about 5 business days).  Delivery times vary and can not be guaranteed to international destinations.


** note that very large orders require extra processing time


What will my shipping carrier be, who will deliver my meow cosmetics package?  We currently ship all orders via USPS PRIORITY MAIL and FIRST CLASS MAIL.

Do you need a Paypal confirmed address to ship to?    Orders over $100.00, that are paid through a Paypal account, may require a Paypal confirmed address, at our discretion and for your protection.  We will email you if we require any additional order information.

Do you ship internationally?  Yes.  At this time, we do ship internationally.  International rates vary, and will be calculated by the shopping cart .


  Gift Certificates, terms & conditions

To Purchase a gift certificate, CLICK HERE

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the purchase of Meow Cosmetics Gift Certificates, and these terms are direct from,
who powers our gift certificate service.

Sending/Receiving gift certificates

Security: For security and identification purposes, a recipient may be required to enter credit card or bank account information before gift certificate redemption.

Note that there can be redemption issues if purchasing a gift certificate for yourself - to use yourself.  Please contact Paypal to ensure you will be able to redeem the certificate prior to purchasing.

Email Delivery: Gift certificates that have a scheduled future email delivery date are sent at approximately 2:00 a.m. Pacific Time (or in purchaserís time zone, if known) on the day of the scheduled delivery.

Privacy Policy: For recipients who are not PayPal members, PayPal will not use the recipient's email address for any other purpose than to send notifications to the recipient regarding his or her gift certificate. This includes one reminder in the first 6 weeks, then quarterly reminders for one year. For details on PayPal's privacy policy, see

Cancellation/Non-Expiration of gift certificates

Recipient Cancellations: Gift certificate recipients can cancel their gift certificate within 60 days of the purchase date and have funds refunded to the purchaser.

Purchaser Cancellations: If the recipient is not an existing PayPal member, the purchaser will have 60 days from the date of purchase or until the recipient opens a PayPal account, whichever comes first, to cancel the certificate and receive a full refund.

Refunds: Refunds on gift certificates that were purchased using a credit/debit card will have the face value credited to that credit/debit card. Refunds on gift certificates that were not purchased using a credit/debit card will be placed into the purchaser's PayPal account.

Expiration: Gift certificates do not have an expiration date.

Maintenance Fee: Gift certificates do not carry a maintenance fee.

Account closure: If merchant closes its PayPal account, the remaining balance of gift certificates less than 18 months old will be refunded to the purchaser.

Redeeming gift certificates

gift certificates can only be redeemed to pay for items where PayPal is used as the payment method.

Excess gift certificate value: Any unused balance will remain in the recipient's gift certificate account until depleted.

Insufficient gift certificate Value: If the amount of the order exceeds the amount remaining on the gift certificate, the recipient will be required to pay for the balance using PayPal.

Requirements: Merchants have the right to refuse a transaction. Many merchants require a confirmed address, which could require that a credit card and billing address be entered.

Multiple gift certificates: More than one gift certificate can be redeemed at one time if they are denominated in the same currency.

Additional Terms

PayPal reserves the right to reverse any gift certificate purchase for any reason and return the funds to the purchaser's PayPal account.
Gift certificates are non-transferable and their resale is prohibited.
Gift certificates are not available for sale, purchase, or redemption in China. If a gift certificate is delivered to an email address that is not associated with a PayPal account, and the owner of that email address proceeds to sign up for a PayPal account in China, the gift certificate will be cancelled, and the funds used for the gift certificate purchase will be refunded to the purchaser.
Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash and have no cash value.
Gift certificates cannot be used to purchase other gift certificates.
Neither the merchant nor PayPal is responsible for lost, stolen, or misused gift certificate codes.
This gift certificate may be purchased or redeemed by residents of the United States and Canada only.
Purchase and redemption of gift certificates is subject to the PayPal User Agreement which is incorporated herein.



What is your return policy?  Like many small cosmetic houses, we can't accept returns.  If a cosmetics company accepts returns, you could be receiving someone else's return when you order.  At Meow Cosmetics you can always feel confident that your order is exactly that - YOUR order, not another customer's return.  Remember, we offer generous, inexpensive samples of all our products, so you can try everything in person before you buy full size versions.  In the event of a problem with an item in your order, you may be required to return item(s) to us prior to us shipping a replacement.  In the extremely rare instances when any jars with reported filling issues must be returned to us, they must be returned in completely new unopened condition with the jar seals intact.  We will reimburse your return shipping to us ( first class mail only) only if we have made a mistake processing your order.  If no problem can be confirmed, we will not be able to reimburse your return shipping and we will invoice you for shipping to return the item to you.  We reserve the right to issue you a store credit for the cost of your incorrect/defective item(s)

Will you bill my order to my private shipper acct number? At this time we do not bill private shipper account numbers, sorry.

What is your privacy policy? In short, Meow Cosmetics respects your privacy, and will never sell your information, or share or sell or otherwise transfer any information you provide us with. CLICK HERE to read our complete privacy policy.

What if a color is significantly different than it looked on your website, or than I expected?  It's a brave new world...while computers have made online shopping possible, but computer monitors are not all created equal.  Our color descriptions are our own, subjective description of what we see.  Your opinion may be different than ours as everyone perceives color differently.  Please order samples before purchasing full size products.  It can be hard if not impossible to accurately display colors from one monitor to another.  This is even more difficult with very subtle shade differences, like those found in mineral powders.  For this reason, we encourage you to purchase samples FIRST, before ordering full size products.  We cannot accept returns, so if a color turns out significantly different than you expected, we will be unable to accept a return.  So, please, buy all the samples you like, first.

What if my order is incorrect/missing items? Please notify us within 24 hours of receipt of your order.  We will confirm the problem, and correct the order.  We may ask you to return items to us, or email us a photo of the incorrect items, so we can better determine the nature of the problem.  We reserve the right to issue you a store credit for the cost of your incorrect/defective item(s) rather than replacing them.  Shipping is never refundable.

What if my order never arrives?  After tracking the package, we will make determinations on missing orders on a case by case basis.  All such claims must be made in a timely manner, within 10 business days for United States orders and within 45 days for International Orders.

Incorrect Shipping Method selected:  If you select an incorrect shipping method in the shopping cart during checkout, we will either downgrade your shipping (from Priority to First Class) and ship your order, or we may invoice your for any additional amount due.  Your prompt attention to this invoice is appreciated.  If your invoice is not paid within 3 days, we may refund you the amount of your order, less a 20% restocking fee. 

Cancellations:  Often, we begin processing almost immediately after your order is placed, and we do not generally cancel orders. However, if you have an unpaid amount due on your order (for example: shipping due) after more than 3 days, we may cancel your order and refund you, less a 20% restocking fee.  

Are any of your products tested on animals? Absolutely not.  Meow Cosmetics does NO animal testing of any kind, nor do we purchase any ingredients or products for resale that we know to have been tested on animals.

Policy: pricing errors, typos, shopping cart issues: Meow Cosmetics makes every attempt to be as accurate as possible with website pricing and shopping cart operation.  In the event of errors, typos, incorrect pricing, we reserve the right to refund, remove the affected item(s) from the order(s), or otherwise correct the error by any method we deem necessary.

Large Orders:  Please note that large orders, or group orders ($200+) will likely require extra packaging and processing time, so please allow up to 10 additional business days for us to prepare and ship.  Typically, we'll ship much sooner than this, but please allow for the extra days, and let us know in advance if your very large order is time sensitive.  At this time we are not able to fill orders for wholesalers, resellers,  competitors or orders that are not for personal/individual use.  Thank You!

**Please note that Meow Cosmetics reserves the right to refuse to fill any order received for any reason or no reason, as we deem necessary.   Unusually large orders will be scrutinized and you may be asked to provide additional information for your security.  We also reserve the right to refund rather than replace an order or part of an order, at our discretion.


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